Tang Soo Do Instruction




Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday Nights    

Call for TImes and Details



Monday & Thursday Nights   

Call for TImes and Details


Students Will Learn

Hyung: Traditional Korean Forms

Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun: One Step Sparring: Preformatted attack and counter defenses using basic thru advanced techniques.

Cha Yu Dae Ryun: Point Sparring: Students use double padded foam dipped gear and are taught self-control, confidence, respect, and discipline.  Sparring helps to develop student technique and reinforce basic Tang Soo Do concepts.

Kyuck Pa: Breaking: Students will be taught how to safely and correctly demonstrate techniques enabling them to successfully break wood boards.

Ho Sin Sul: Self-Defense: Students will learn how to defend themselves effectively.  The goal of self-defense is not violence, but to protect ones self without excessively using force.

Students will be introduced to various weapons and will train to challenge their personal martial arts growth.  The minimum requirement is at least 9 months of basic martial arts training and the rank of 7th Gup Orange Belt.

Students will learn Korean Terminology and will be introduced to Korean Culture as well as Philosophy.

Students will learn respect and proper Korean etiquette within the Do Jang.  They also will learn to use simple manners that can be taken out of the training area into the community and home.





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