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Grandmaster Slezak Instructs UPJ Outdoor Youth Summer Camp

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Grandmaster Slezak was invited by Camp Director Douglas Crytzer to instruct Tang Soo Do to children attending the, UPJ Junior Naturalist Outdoor Adventure Camp, held at the Summer's Best Two Weeks facility at the Quemahoning Reservoir.  Students had a great morning of Tang Soo Do martial arts training.  The children learned Korean Terminology, Korean numbers, basic techniques, and Bully Prevention Program that has been implemented within local school districts.  Above pictured is Junior Black Belt Cheyanne Weaver, Grandmaster Patrick Slezak, and Camp Founder and Director Douglas Crytzer.  Grandmaster Slezak has been implementing his Bully Prevention Program at local school districts over the past 3 years and martial arts to school districts for over 14 years.  His Bully Prevention program, " Education is Prevention, Using Martial Arts As A Last Resort."  His program has been fully implemented within the North Star School District over the past 3 years and this year was asked by Principal Maluchnik to implement a  Drug Prevention program which also had great success.  Grandmaster Slezak has been instructing the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do for over 43 years.


Instructors Attend Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organization Seminar NJ


On April 13, 2013 Grandmaster Patrick Slezak and Master Michael Slezak attended an ITO Seminar in Atlantic City, NJ.  The seminar encompassed many core parts of Tang Soo Do training.  The semianr was held at The Golden Nugget Casino Ball Room in Atlantic City, NJ.  Grandmaster Patrick Slezak was also recertified 8th Dan Grandmaster by Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe 9th Dan and President of the ITO.  Congratualtions Grandmaster.

Slezak's Karate School Hosts 6-week Women's Self-Defense Program at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

     Slezak Karate School was invited to host a 6-week Women's Self-Defense Program at UPJ for all girls on campus who wished to participate.  The program was a success and had a great turn out of participants.  The program covered self-defense techniques, scenario training, and overall awareness tactics for women.  "Female Student assaults are a constant concern and problem across college campuses.  The female students of Pitt-Johnstown need to become aware and understand how to act if an assault were to happen to them.  Most assaults of college students are not strangers coming up from behind in an alley but people that they know.  The lessons and techniques learned at Pitt-Johnstown will help now and in the future," stated UPJ Wellness Center Director Katrin Wolfe.


Grandmaster Slezak hosts Drug Prevention Talk at North Star Elementary School

        Grandmaster Slezak was invited to talk to children of North Star Elementary School, by Principal Maluchnik, to talk about drug use prevention.  Grandmaster Slezak has been implementing his Bully Prevention Program at the school for the last two years and has had great success.  His "Kick Drugs Program" has also left a great positive impact on students.


Grandmaster Slezak Instructs Senior Citizens

          Grandmaster Slezak isntructed Senior Citizens at the Central City Senior Citizen Center on Awareness of their environment.  This was targeted to help senior citizens to recognize danger in their surroundings and help to prevent injury.  Grandmaster Slezak also helped to teach participants various breathing, stretching, and balance exercises.


Slezak's Karate School & Grandmaster Patrick Slezak welcomed to the Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organization in Blackwood, NJ

        On Saturday, November 17, 2012 Slezak's Karate School and Grandmaster Patrick Slezak were welcomed to the Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organization at the New Jersey All Korean Championships in Blackwood, NJ.  Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe, 9th Degree Grandmaster and Tang Soo Do Legend officically awarded Grandmaster Patrick Slezak a sanctioning certificate to offiicially recognize our school within his organization. 

Slezak's Karate School SWAT Team Earns top finishes at Tournament

       Slezak's Karate School Tournament Team (Special Winning Attitude Team) recently competed at Young's Taekwondo Annual Fall Open Championships in Bellefonte, PA.  The tournament was held on October 13, 2012 congratulations students on your top finishes, hard work does pay off!  Results listed below.

Front Row L to R: Zachary Tedrow:  2nd in Weapons & 2nd In Sparring, Cody Hause: 2nd in Weapons & 2nd in Sparring, John Feathers: 2nd in Forms.  Back Row R to L: Grandmaster Patrick Slezak, Cheyanne Weaver: 2nd in Forms, Master Michael Slezak.


Local Girl Scouts Earn Bully Prevention Patch

          Girl Scouts of the Western Pennsylvania Troops participated in Slezak's Karate School's Bully Prevention Program and Martial Arts Teaching Clinic on October 1, 2012.  In attendance was Grandmaster Patrick Slezak and Slezak's Karate School women Black Belts.  Congrats girls on achieving your Slezak's Karate School Bully Prevention Program Participant STORM Team Patches.


Masters At Slezak's Karate School Attend Moo Duk Kwan Seminar & 2012 National Championships at Split Rock Resort

Grandmaster Patrick Slezak, Master Kevin Slezak, and Master Michael Slezak were cordially invited to attend a Moo Duk Kwan Tnag Soo Do Seminar in Scranton, PA on May 10, 2012.  Grandmaster and Master Kovaleski had sponsored their Dojang in Scranton for the Highest Ranking Grandmasters in Seoul, South Korea to teach a Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Seminar to American Masters.  The Slezak's were 3 attendees of the 90 some Grandmasters, Masters, and Black Belts who were invited to particiapte in this extraordinary event.  In attendance was Grandmaster Hee Seok Choi.  At 90 Years old he had performed Hyung for all of the attendees to watch, as a martial artist it was an amazing site to see such an achievement of a dedicated lifetime of Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do.  Grandmaster Hee Seok Choi is Grandmaster Hwang Kee's, the founder of Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, 3rd Black Belt.  He is also the current President of the World Moo Duk Kwan General Federation.  Also in attendance from the World Moo Duk Kwan General Federation based out of Seoul, South Korea were Secretary General Grandmaster Koe-Woong Choung, Vice President Grandmaster Ki-Hyun Baek, Technical Adviser Grandmaster Jung Lee Hwang, Asian Martial Arts Movie Star with over 340 Films, Korea Headquarters Dojang Head Instructor Grandmaster Ill-Do Chang, "Known as Bruce Lai" Bruce Lee's Double and Asian Martial Arts Movie Star of over 40 films, Assistant Secretary Genearl Grandmaster Eng Sin Tan, in charge of all of Malaysia Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do.  Special Guests from the United States were movie star Frank Dux, from the Movie "Bloodsport", which was based on his full contact fighing career in Japan and Movie Star Cynthia Rothrock.  At the National Championships Grandmaster Patrick Slezak and family were personally invited to Seoul, South Korea next summer to train at the World Moo Duk Kwan General Federation Headquarters and train with all the Grandmasters.  Slezak's Karate School has also had the opportunity to award certified Dan and Gup Ranks from Korea.  There will be an exclusive number of Tang Soo Do schools in the United States with this ability and opportunity.  We will be only one of two Tang Soo Do schools to represent the World Moo Duk Kwan General Federation in Korea in Pennsylvania as of right now.  All of the Dans and Gups will be certified by the highest ranking Grandmasters in the World, Rank Certificates will come directly from Korea, and all ranks obtained at Slezak's Karate will be internationally recognized.

Grandmaster Patrick Slezak, Frank Dux from the movie "BloodSport", and Master Michael SlezakGrandmaster Patrick Slezak, Frank Dux from the movie "BloodSport", and Master Kevin SlezakThe Slezak Family and Grandmaster Hee Seok ChoiGrandmaster Ill-Do Chang and Grandmaster Patrick SlezakAll the Grandmasters at the Korean Grandmaster Seminar in Scranton, PA at Master Kovaleski's DojangSome of the masters and black belts at the Grandmaster Seminar in Scranton, PA at Master Kovaleski's DojangGrandmaster Patrick Slezak at the Head Table with the Grandmaster at the 2012 National Championship at Split Rock Resort in the Poconos, PA

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